Soccer field in Seattle Washington
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Note to self:

Forge deep connections

Reflect on what your dear ones may expect out of you and the relationship.

I had a thought that my 8 year old would love to play soccer ⚽ and work on his cubing algorithms in the first hour that he’s up. So I dedicated about 30 min every morning with my son playing. He now goes to sleep with the excitement that he gets to play every morning with me.

Old friends, the ones who no longer play an active role in your life; maintenance friends, the ones you only enjoy seeing occasionally; and growth friends, the ones who make you feel great, make you laugh and always have your back.

You should see your growth friends at least once a month, and you should try to find about ten of them; they’re the ones who’ll bring your life happiness and charge.

Dedicated to my growth friends

Inspiration and ideas realised while I was flipping through the pages of the book: The Charge by Brendon Burchard

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