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Girls like you (Maroon 5) cover
Te Amo (Dum maaro dum) cover
Live gigs in Seattle, Washington.

AbouT the instructor (School of rock ALUMNI, seattle,USA)

I held my first instrument, a Bongo drum when I was 6, picking up rhythm from my dad. Then moved on to learn Violin (Karnatic style) when I was 8, western Violin at 13 and picked up the guitar at about the same age. I’ve played in my school band, the trumpet, Bass Horn and Drums. As a performing artist, I’ve played with many bands in Hyderabad touring with my brother in early 2000s and lately with the Band “For Now”, after gigs with The Seattle School of Rock, Washington. My first Hand Crafted Guitar, by the brand Octaveus Guitars was launched in 2017, with my sole shareholder, my soul-mate.

Disclaimer: Other artists depicted in the picture are in no way affiliated to Octaveus Guitars

School of rock seattle, season preview, apr 2016

Gear I use and recommend (Click image for details, you’ll be lead to

Light gauge for easy playability on an electric guitar . Great for beginners. You have to go a bit easy on it though, else they’ll snap. But for the price-you don’t have to think twice!

Thinner pick for a good acoustic guitar jam. You can’t go wrong with a Dunlop

Beginners Acoustic guitar (Small size for easy playability), with case, strap, string, 2 picks – unbeatable value for money.

(12 count) Great to improve picking speed. Easy to hold and pick, professional grade

Moves around easily for a better view – clip to the head stock of the guitar and ready for tune up!

Light gauge – easy to play, to hold down chords and solos – easy to bend strings, vibrato. Quite affordable for a branded string set for an acoustic guitar

When it comes to recording a live band, (18 in, 8 out usb interface) this is my bet. Although this is 2nd gen, it’s unbeatable with Pro Tools.

The latest as of this writing (Feb 2020), check out the tracks I’ve recorded on Amazon music with the band For Now, in Seattle, Pro Tools used primarily.

Korg nanoKONTROL2 Slim-Line USB Control Surface.

(Click Image above)
The Layout is among the best money can buy. The solo mute and record are nicely spaced out with transport controls like play, fast forward and rewind on the left panel, laid out pretty neatly and they work without any need to install additional drivers. You will save a lot of time than trying to click around on your screen!

PreSonus V2 Single Touch-sensitive Faderport. (Click image above)

Presonus is your next bet. It has a ton of features. Footswitch for hands-free recording. Has a Shift button for say, toggle select multiple solo buttons in one go, undo and redo! Provides for Automation controls which are really cool.

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