Swim your own race

Note to self

Learn everything about the challenges you face. This will help you make better decisions before asking for advice

There will always be people ready to tell you what to do. Some may be good for you and some just the opposite of what you should do. Sometimes you will receive an advice even if you don’t ask for it

Do not let others swim your race for you – you’ll do far better

Inspired by the book:

A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and InvestingBook by Jim Rogers

Personal Growth

Productivity working from home during COVID pandemic
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Note to self:

It is a lot easier to control and design your environment than having to fight over willpower to accomplish what you set out to do – our ancestors did not need a lot of “will power” to be slim or fight obesity, their environment made the difference.

Improve productivity by keeping eustress in mind – design your environment around it. (From Merriam-Webster: eu·​stress | \ ˈyü-ˌstres , a positive form of stress having a beneficial effect on health, motivation, performance, and emotional well-being)

Pure work and pure play – As we move back and forth between the two, we realise our full potential.

If you’re working from home these days, designing separate environments for each state, makes it far easier for your mind to work hard and play hard.

Dedicated to the working class heroes.

Inspiration and ideas realised while I was flipping through the pages of the book: Willpower doesn’t work by Benjamin Hardy

Also by the author of this blog, in the “enjoyable learning” series:

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Mastering Anything

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Once you have learned the rules, think freely and don’t be afraid to bend or break the rules.

Freestyle has almost always lead to innovation, creating something new and unique. Then you begin to notice that you’ve got your STYLE.

You’ve practiced it so often than it’s now second nature. It’s truly a behaviour that’s automatic. And anyone who’s given time enough and persisted enough to stick to it will get there.

You don’t have to think anymore, you’re in your zone doing the thing you love the most – your ideas on a free flow, you’re on a roll.

Mastering Anything

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Sometimes, all you need is a mentor. Someone who’s been there, done that. It simply saves you the time and effort to not reinvent the wheel.

Look for resources, start networking and get your mentor onboard

For, masters have always stood on the shoulders of giants and surpassed them too!

Mastering Anything

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Do not try to run, or walk – just crawl.

As much as we want to run, learn things as quickly as we can and become a master – the opposite is true.

Don’t even try to walk, just go at a crawling pace. It will be dry, boring and seem to have no reward. Persist. Press on forward. Enjoy the minute details in the small steps you take. Keep getting back to those tiny steps, but everyday – you’ll be amazed at what it has compounded to, when the time comes.

Mastering Anything

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Focus and direct your attention towards learning and not immediate weatlh or financial reward. Enjoy the process itself, of learning what you love and what you’ve always wanted to do.

It can be just 20 minutes a day, but do it every day. Do not doubt the power of the human mind – where repetition builds muscle memory. Then a day will come when you’ll be astonished by the power you hold

Mastering Anything

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Trust with all your heart, mind and soul – follow your heart and listen to your inner voice. It’s your unique destiny after all!

Pay attention to your inner calling, muffled by peer pressure and suppressed within.

Mastering Anything

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If we can learn from the masters – the way to achieve mastery in anything we please, then the notion of “inborn talent” gets nullified. For anyone with access to what the masters did, will in time, become a master himself.

A creative and open mind is something that can absolutely be developed