Courage and Resolve

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You can’t selectively shut down emotion. You can overcome it’s power over you by claiming your “fear routine” or “habit”

Often, “Your Inner Critic confirms your worries that you aren’t good enough”

“Listen to your Inner Critic without granting it free rein over your life choices”

Ask your inner voice again saying: “Redo please, I’m listening, but only if you can say things respectfully.”

What does your inner critic say about your ability to make your dreams a reality?
Do you think it wants you to fail? Or is it just so overwhelmed and afraid? Does it think you lack the skill or talent to achieve your goals?

Pondering over the means to achieve your goals may calm your inner critic.

Dedicated to my brother Carol Olympus on his birthday

Inspiration and ideas realised while I was reading the book: The Courage Habit by Kate Swoboda

Also by the author of this blog, in the “enjoyable learning” series:

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